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I played golf!

It’s been about two years since I’ve played golf.  I’ve never been a great golfer but I was getting to the point where I was becoming a pretty “ok” golfer.  There were times when I could walk off a course and feel like I played a good game for my skill level.  I like playing golf because it’s a mental challenge and you get to be out in nature where it’s quiet and peaceful.  It’s a great game.  Anyway, after not having played for two years I decided it might be good for my ankle to get in those twists and turns you need for your follow through so I played the executive course at Pleasant View on Sunday.  What a beautiful day to be out enjoying it all and what a great surprise to me that my golf game was not completely unfortunate.  I had one excellent tee shot, more than a few sweet chips and one of two well played putts.  It was a plus that my ankle felt great and probably appreciated the extra workout.  I think I may just make this a weekend tradition through the rest of the season.  I really missed my clubs!     

07/30/2013 9:44AM
I played golf!
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