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I tried running

A couple of weeks ago I tried running with my newly healed ankle.  It wasn't necessarily because I felt like running but rather a storm was moving in while I was walking Truman and I wanted to get home to get out of the lightning.  I could actually do it and felt pretty proud of myself.  Seemed like my form was relatively good, I was enjoying the fact that I actually could run and my lungs gave out before my ankle did. 

That night my ankle swelled up like a grapefruit.  The weird thing was it did not hurt.  It just was swollen.  In fact my whole leg started to swell and it stayed that way for days.  So....that pretty much told me I'm not quite ready for prime time running.  

I saw my surgeon for the last time today and told me I should be running IF I want to be running and that it's going to swell.  It just should not be swollen for days.  He told me to push myself and my body will let me know what is too much. I go.  If you see a jogger with terrible form and it looks like she's limping it's probably me.  Just yell out the window that my form looks bad so I know to stop.  Thanks for your help! 

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07/09/2013 9:33AM
I tried running
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