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I've Got a Shadow

I know there will be a day when Everett is a teenager and he wants nothing to do with his dorky mom.  I know I'll beg for the days that my baby boy thought I was the coolest, most amazing thing he had ever seen.  I know there will be a day that I'd give anything to have a conversation with my son like we used to.  But right now...oh right now....  Everett is 17 months old and wants to be with his mommy all the time.  I got home from the gym this morning and could see the full coffee pot and could smell the yummy coffee.  I got two steps toward that coffee pot and Everett grabbed my finger and let me away to the living room to play with his Thomas the Train toys.  When he got really involved I stood up to finally pour a cup of coffee and make a piece of toast.  Everett quickly noticed we were more than six inches apart, came into the kitchen and again, grabbed my finger.  Have you ever tried to butter a piece of toast with one hand?  It's NOT pretty.  But I'm getting pretty good at it.  To date, I've gardened with one hand, showered with one leg outside of the shower and have had dreams of the good old days when the bathroom was a place I got to enjoy alone.  Tomorrow if he decided I was no longer the most important human being in his world, I could probably be found in fetal position in the corner of my bedroom longing for the days when I couldn't do a thing without him by my side.  But I've got a shadow...and when I get home, I'll make dinner...with one hand. 

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05/31/2013 4:23PM
I've Got a Shadow
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