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If you are having a bad this!

We all have bad days.  There’s just no avoiding them.  The only thing is we never know when one is going to happen.  Today started out as a bad day for me.  Here is the timeline of my comedy of errors:
5:45 – Take the dogs I am baby sitting out to go potty.
5:46 – Dogs on porch.  One dog can’t wait.  Has accident all over porch.  Big, big accident all over porch.
5:47 – Open door to take babysitting dogs out.  Truman dashes out the open door to chase a rabbit.  Gone!
5:52 – Take babysitting dogs back to porch after going potty (well…after ONE of them goes potty since the other one already did ON the porch)
6:00 – Grab Truman’s leash and tromp through the neighbor’s back yard(s) to go find him.  Find him….sweet talk him into coming to me.  Hook him up.  Walk him home.
6:10 – Go inside to feed dogs. 
6:15 – Fill bucket full of water to clean off potty from porch.  Hit bucket against side of sink.  Spill all the water in the bucket on the floor.  Fill bucket again while mopping up water.
6:23 – Clean up mess on porch with several buckets of water.
6:35 – Grab shovel to clear driveway.  Slip and fall on ice underneath snow on driveway.  @%&*$#!
6:55 – Take Truman for short walk.  Does not “potty” like he normally does.  Sigh.
7:10 – Start to get ready for work before someone else gets to house to drop off another dog for me to babysit.
7:30 – Ready for work (took a shower the night before so I just needed to put on makeup and brush my teeth)
7:31 – Other dog arrives. 
7:35 – Take first babysitting dogs outside again for another potty break before I go to work.  Take new babysitting dog out with me.  New babysitting dog decides he doesn’t like the other two dogs and won’t come back inside.  Chase new babysitting dog around the yard.
7:45 – Take all dogs back inside.  Leave for work.
7:55 – Stop at Burger Kind for breakfast.  NEED comfort food.    
8:08 – At work….email awaits.   Grrrrr.  Want Friday to be over and the weekend to start.
It’s the culmination of a bunch of little things that go wrong that certainly test my mettle.  If you ask me I’m not sure I passed the test this morning but somehow now I can look back on it and laugh.  I just hope I don’t get in an accident on the drive home.  That would totally top off my day!   

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02/22/2013 9:57AM
If you are having a bad this!
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