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It's Easier with a Partner

Yes most things are easier with a partner...but exercise is a biggie.  My girlfriend, Krista will text me the night before bootcamp, "I'll pick ya up at 5:15.  See ya dark and early!"  There have been many times that one of us has gotten into the car, eyes half open and said this is the LAST thing we wanted to be doing at the crack of dawn.  But as we get going with our workout and most especially on the way home, we're glad we did it and proud that we made the commitment to be there.  There have been many times that, had I not had Krista, I would've hit snooze, rolled back over and gotten an extra hour of sleep.  AND...then be mad at myself all day for not getting to the gym.  It's the reason why Weight Watchers is so have a group weigh-in that holds you responsible for your decisions that week.  Same as an exercise partner.  You have that person to answer to if you ditch them for some reason or another.  If you don't have a partner to work out with, then choose your workouts wisely...go to a class on a regular basis so that the instructor or the other people in the class get to know your face and can give ya a hard time if you miss.  Or...we're SO lucky to have a few great choices for small group, functional fitness gyms.  Orange Shoe Gym, Hybrid Fitness and The Monkey Bar Gym are three that come to mind.  And of course, the creme de la creme if you can afford it...get a personal trainer. 

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07/19/2013 2:13PM
It's Easier with a Partner
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