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It's Just Sad

The events that happened last week in Washington D.C. just make me so sad.  And I'll resist my temptation to crawl up onto my podium, stand up tall and begin to preach.  But here's this woman who's suffering from SEVERE Postpartum Depression and I'm dumbfounded that it went this far.  Her sister has said she was working with her doctors to ease off on her medications, so that could've easily been the trigger.  I won't pretend that I was there, but from what I've read, the fact that she's dead is WRONG.  Now ... I'm married to a veteran, so he and I have had some discussions about this and he sees it from a very different viewpoint than I do.  I think she was a danger, but at no time a threat.  The fact that a one year-old baby was in the backseat and no one knew it tells me that they acted WAY too quickly.  I'm not understanding why the goal was to kill her rather than to stop her.  And if you disagree with that statement, that's okay.  All the details of this very odd event aside, it's a reminder that mental illness is still something we don't take seriously enough.  My GOD ... one minute this woman is having a baby and the next she's got serious mental health issues ... it can be that simple.  I hope the death of that little girl's mommy won't be in vain and that mental health awareness will be brought to the forefront of discussions and finally taken seriously. 

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10/07/2013 3:38PM
It's Just Sad
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