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It's Really Pretty Basic

If you want to shed a couple pounds, it truly comes down to something very simple; burning more calories than you take in.  Of course there are factors like your gender, age, genetics and health...but those only slightly budge the equation.  It helps to look at fat and sodium while reading labels to make sure you know what you're eating, but if you're really paying attention to your calories, the rest sort of falls into place.  It all starts with pulling up your big girl shorts and getting honest about what and how much you eat.  Don't forget to fess up to the handfull of M&Ms you grabbed from a coworker's treat drawer and the fatty frozen coffee drink you guzzled thinking it 'can't be that bad.'  The good news is that you don't have to give up everything you love.  I thought I'd make it easier for you and list a couple of my favorite snacks.  
Frozen Treat:
Yasso does a Greek Yogurt frozen bar that will make you feel like you’re cheating, but you’re not.  It’s at most Copp’s and Woodman’s.
I LOVE bread just like you.  But there are definitely some good and some bad choices.  Here are some good.  Try the Morning Rounds by Ozery Bakery Inc for breakfast in the toaster, they’re great tasting, full of super good-for-you things and it’ll fill you up so you don’t grab a doughnut in the breakroom.  You can find them at Whole Foods and CostCo.  Health Life bread is 35 calories a slice and their whole wheat is very nice.  They also make whole wheat English muffins which is great with a couple slices of strawberries and some honey or agave syrup. I’ve been able to find this at most grocery stores.
If you’re trying to lose weight...any kind of alcohol should be cut out.  But it’s summer and if you’ve got a cookout with friends and would like to partake in a grown up drink, try Skinny Girl.  I like the red wine and the Sangria.   You’ll find Skinny Girl at most grocery and liquor stores.

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07/12/2013 1:00PM
It's Really Pretty Basic
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