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Meal Planning Made Easy

Most of us like variety in the foods we eat. I know I do. I can't eat salmon EVERY night of the week. I also find it challenging to flip through recipe books or go to this website or that website to find new recipes. Who has the time to do that, really? So, once again I give huge props to and for providing me with ideas I can use every single day.

It's simply called Meal Planner and you'll find it under the recipe section of each website. It gives you new ideas for a main dish, side dish and dessert for every day of the week and the recipe for each course. If you don't care for one of the recipes you can search from hundreds more. You can even narrow your search by food, prep time, ease of preparation and more.

A grocery store that makes life simple? Yep, that's Copps and Pick N Save. To see this week's Meal Planner click here.

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The Sound of Crickets

If there is one sound that will forever make me melancholy it's the sound of crickets at twilight in late summer, early fall. Every year in late August when they start their chirping it immediately takes me back to childhood and the impending start of another school year. Crickets meant having to go to bed an hour earlier when it was still light out and having to lie there with nothing else to do but listen to them with my stomach in a knot wondering how the first day of a new grade would go. Crickets meant no more staying up late to catch fireflies. Crickets meant no more sleeping in on summer days that gave me the freedom to catch butterflies, make mud pies and lie on my back to watch the clouds float by.

I do love to sit outside this time of year and listen to all the chirps and buzzes and trills and croaks of nature as it says goodbye to summer. But it never takes long for me to still get that knot in my stomach and that sad feeling of having to say goodbye to long, lazy days and fresh air and crickets. And I'm glad for that.

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Mood Food

With the days getting shorter and chillier I'm reminded of how important sunshine really is to boost our moods. There are other ways to get that kick during the autumn and winter months without having to invest in a sun lamp. Diet is especially important when it comes to how we feel. Eat junk, feel like junk. This is something we all know. But do you really know WHICH foods will give you that extra boost of happy feelings?

Copps and Pick N Save have come up with a simple list of foods that will help keep us all on track when it comes to keeping our blood sugar and hormones and everything else working how it should so we always feel good no matter the season. This is why I love them. They care enough to give me the information I need and the foods I need to stay and feel healthy all year long. For the list of "feel good" food just click here.

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Food Safety

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I am obsessed about food safety. I'm afraid of gas station sandwiches. I don't order sunny side up eggs at restaurants. And I go through enough kitchen hand soap in a year to turn the Atlantic Ocean into a bubble bath. And when the holidays come around and I'm cooking a big bird of some sort for my family and friends, secretly I worry about poisoning everyone with undercooking or letting raw juices touch utensils. I'm a freak. I'm fully aware of this. But if I'm going to be obsessed about anything I figure food safety is….well…

Thank goodness there are others in my camp. Like Copps and Pick N Save. I count on them to not only give me great recipes and 5 minute cooking videos on their websites but also give me food safety tips. Like this article on how to know exactly when your meat is cooked safely. It's like my one stop website when it comes to food. A grocery store that really cares about how I enjoy what they sell. Now that's Copps and Pick N Save!

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