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January 2012

Friday 1/27/12

This may be it. I have for years disregarded the calls from my wife to get rid of the last bastion of my youth -- my snowmobiles. But the snowless winter of 2012 may be a defining season  for me. Time to put away the frivolous trappings of my younger years and move on to a more sedate, metered existence that doesn't include the risk-taking behavior that I used to thrive on, and my wife, Terri, grudgingly became accustomed to. I love to ride the backwoods trails to commune with nature and get that stinging feeling in my cheeks, the result of the often near-arctic-like winter weather conditions, combined with the breakneck speed that my 13 year old Ski-Doo is still capable of. Can it be time? Not on your life. Think I'll start those babies up this weekend, just to get the smell of that gas/oil mix in my nostrils for the first time this winter. It's gotta snow at some point.

Friday, 1/13/12

Hurray!  My daughter Lizzy, who was badly bashed in a car versus moped accident in early October (Lizzy unfortunately was the moped driver), has made her first real step toward getting back to normal. Even though she still has a long way to go...she decided the other day to head back to her apartment after living with us since her accident. Gonna miss having her around.  We went out to celebrate the milestone Wednesday night...and ended up at Cooper's Tavern on the square.  Cool little place.  I think it used to be the McDonald's.  At any rate, had a great meal.  Pub fare...but I love that. I ordered their veggie sandwich. 

Man was that good.  I highly recommend it.  All the elements are in play.  Sauteed roasted red peppers...ginger carrots...hummus and Feta cheese. Nice. A million beers on tap or in bottles.  They've got it going on.

Ziggy the Poodle was a bit taken aback by his first foray into significant snow.  He seems to really like it, but is wary.  I don't think he likes the cold, though.  Poodles have hair, not fur, so it's a bit like you or I heading outside without a knit cap on. I never thought I'd say it, but maybe will have to buy him a sweater.  A nice red and black argyle I'm thinking.  Good Lord, what have I become.

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10/03/2012 3:03PM
January 2012
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