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January 2012

Monday 1/30/12

It's amusing to me how driving here to the radio ranch at 5:00 on Sunday mornings makes my mind work. It's still dark, of course, but once I turn the corner and see the snow-covered animals of Vitense Golfland, I am always reminded of the golf course I used to sneak onto when I was a kid. I had to first walk to the brook, then wade up the brook for about 1/2 mile, then cross it at the best spot and slither under the chain-link fence. Then I'd walk another 1/2 mile across serious briers and skunk cabbage until I reached the pond. It was sheer delight. It's a wonder no one was ever golfing when I was there. In winter I'd make the same trek with a half-dozen friends. We'd trudge along with sleds and ice skates, and just walking there was a total adventure. The one hill was high enough to have some awesome sled runs. The occasional trees you might hit when your sled did a 180 as you zipped down backwards were more then half of the fun! The pond was really very smooth for outdoors.  By the time our toes were numb and actually painful to walk on, we'd be home and having hot cocoa. I can still smell the wet steam scent of our socks and mittens drying on every radiator in our house.

Friday, 1/13/12

I usually try to do some inside clean-up job in January. This year, I am painting my kitchen.  So that means I had to clean off the top of the fridge.  Of course, Joe is watching me with undivided attention. Well, my refrigerator is like, fluffy, there are soooo many things sticking off of it.  Artwork of all my little friends, some from my adult art friends, sales receipts, photos, cartoons, postcards, you get the idea. At one point I was just tossing things off the top into the trash and others on to the table, others in a shoe box and some on the counter.  One 8 x 10 print just sailed down and landed on Joe. Thing is, he didn't move out from under it!  Maybe he thought that is all part of cleaning off the fridge?  Anyway, I moved him over into the sun and snapped this shot for you!  He usually had on shades and Bermuda shorts, but he likes to keep a low profile...

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10/05/2012 11:58AM
January 2012
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