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We have been doing Five at Five every weekday afternoon at 5:00 since way back in the 1960s. (OK, well maybe not that long, but for a while, anyhow.) Since the average commute in the Madison area is something like 20 minutes, we figure that five songs in a row gives you enough time to get home, or almost home. Our crack staff (actually, "cracked" is probably a better word) spends a lot of time and energy coming up with themes. This week we did songs with the word "young" in the title, songs based on classical pieces, 80s remakes of 60s hits, and songs from 1999. On Fridays, we often do a preview of "Saturday at the 70s" or "Sunday at the 80s."

Now, we'd like to see what you can come up with. We want your personal Five at Five. It can be songs from a certain year,  favorite movie songs, Grammy winners, songs with certain words or names in the title, or just songs you really like and want to hear sometime on your ride home. Make up your list and e-mail it to me: jim.bartlett@magic98.com. It would help if you threw in a couple of extra songs so we have something to fall back on, in case something you want to hear is something that's not in our library. (It happens.) If we choose your list, we'll even give you the chance to introduce a song or two on the air, if you want to. (It's not very hard. If radio was too hard, I'd be doing something else.)

(I notice this post has a lot of sentences in parentheses in it.)
We figure that if you're a regular Magic listener, you can pick songs just as well as we can.  So send your Five at Five: jim.bartlett@magic98.com.

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05/03/2013 2:48PM
You Be the DJ
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