Jim Bartlett

First radio job:  WSUP at UW-Platteville...first paying gig at KDTH in Dubuque.  

Year of Magic debut: 2008
Favorite artists: Steely Dan, Van Morrison, Boz Scaggs, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John.
What charities do you feel strongly about and why? I'm a Civil War geek so I support the Civil War Preservation Trust, which works to preserve significant Civil War sites threatened by development.  Locally, I support Second Harvest/Feeding America.  That thousands of people in southern Wisconsin and across the country are hungry is an obscenity we have to stop. 
My birthday is:  February 29.  My grandmother's first words, on hearing that I've been born:  "Oh, no, not today." 
You'd be surprised to know that:  I've never seen Star Wars
I still can't believe:  I lost 70 pounds five years ago and have kept most of it off.  I'm quite handsome, really. 
If I didn't live in Wisconsin, I'd live in: New England, although my second-favorite city in the world next to Madison is Iowa City. 

Favorite TV shows, current and older:  Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, Sports Night, The Sopranos, and any NFL game. 

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Jim & Lanette
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