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July 2012

Tuesday 7/31/12

So I'll be off the air the next few days.  My parents are going to Boston to visit my brother and his fiancee and since they watch Everett every day...I'll be home until they get back next week.  I've never taken time off (outside of my maternity leave) to just be home...and I CAN'T WAIT!!  I'm thinking we'll get to the zoo and catch up with lots of friends.  Look out comes Everett and his mommy...on the town!!

Tuesday 7/24/12

THANK YOU NCAA!!  That was exactly what you needed to say, do and stand up for.  Many eyes popped when they dropped the bomb on Penn State yesterday explaining that they were going to lose scholarships, winning records and post-season play for years and that all of their football players were free agents immediately.  It's about time.  And if you think that the NCAA went too far and is using Penn State as an example, you're right.  Let it be a warning flare that no sports program, no coach, no nothing will ever again be allowed to be bigger than the safety of a child.  Yes, sports are the main revenue source for most large schools, but let's remember what universities are primarily and meant to be for...getting a education...remember???  Without one there isn't the other.  Sports needs education and education needs sports.  When one rises above the other as it did at Penn State, and let's be honest at most universities, things like this disgusting scandal happen.  And not only happen...are covered up in the name of the success of a sports program...a GAME!  What happened to these poor kids was and is not a game, it's life.  And there's has been changed forever.  For that, for not having the guts to stand up for these poor boys, those higher-ups who were a part of it got exactly what they deserved.  And if Penn State, it's legacy and it's tradition is affected in the crossfire, so be it.  For the first time, these kids...the most important people of this entire mess, are finally getting justice. 

Monday 7/16/12

Just must be the time for birthdays!  If you know any of these people...wish 'em a happy birthday!
-My Mother-In-Law, Pat DeCarli's birthday was, 7/14
-My grandma Hansen is now 91-years young as of 7/14
-My mom's 34's anniversary of her 29th birthday was 7/15
-My great aunt Edna (the triplet sister of my grandma Everett who my son is named after and my great uncle, Emmett) turns 97 today!
Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!!  Happy birthday to YOU!!!

Friday 7/13/12

So we're now the proud owners of a hot tub that's in the back deck so there's no ifs, ands or buts about's there for the long haul.  Neither Marc nor I have ever had a hot tub and the directions of how to keep up with it are rather lengthy.  What I'm trying to say here is...if you've had experience with a hot tub, you're more than welcome to come and use it...but you've got to do the maintenance on it as well...thanks.

Friday 7/6/12

So we survived the move.  And as crazy as we thought it was moving in that heat last weekend...this weekend would've been even worse.  We're settling into our gigantic new house and we just love it.  It quickly became our home and will continue to be even more so as we put more personal touches into it.  There's definitely some painting to do, but as far as boxes go...we're officially moved in.  I still go to the wrong drawer for things in the kitchen and we're still looking for the box with all of our cleaning supplies in it, (where on Earth could we have put it?) but the house and everything it has to offer is amazing.  Not kidding when I tell you that our new neighbors are thee best ever.  Our neighbor two doors down actually stopped by to introduce herself with freshly baked, still warm chocolate chip cookies.  Our next door neighbor slid two six-packs into the POD we were with beer and one with soda just in case we didn't have that stuff in our fridge yet. (and we didn't so it was a life-safer.)  We did die a little when we found out one of their daugher's names is Olive...what are the chances of that??  Maybe our Olive and their Olive will be best buddies...who knows. 
So here we go.  I plan on driving by our old house every once in a while and told the new owners I'd be doing so.  So many memories to hold close to our hearts and so many more to make.  What a ride.

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July 2012
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