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July 2012

Thursday, 7/26/12
It's a carnivore carnival at Casa de Bonner this weekend.  About once a quarter or so, we buy a bunch of meat to throw on my beloved bar-b-q pit.  I have three chickens, four racks of baby backs and a picnic ham for pulled pork. I plan on spending all day Saturday tending the fire.  I really love doing this.  It's one of my fav things. Granted it does take up most of the day, but it's worth it.  We vacuum seal all of it, throw it in the freezer, and it's there whenever we want it.  Smoked chicken and greens. Baby, that's eating.

I really have to say something about that senseless Colorado theater shooting spree.  My heart goes out to all those families that lost loved ones. I can't imagine heading out for what was supposed to be a fun night...and having it end like that.  I just can never understand how some people are capable of this kind of thing.

Friday, 7/20/12

Waiting with baited breath (never really knew what that meant) for the summer edition of Restaurant Week. It starts this Sunday...and runs through Friday.  A great opportunity to try out those restaurants you've always wanted to, but never got the chance. Or just get a great meal at an old fave for a great price. Mariners fits into that category for me.  This year they are doing a surf and turf thing.  For $25.00?  I'm in. This is like Christmas in July for foodies.  The options here in Madison are phenomenal.  That's what makes our Restaurant Week the best in the Midwest.  Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, 7/11/12

My mother-in-law Barb had some major league surgery several weeks ago...and is still on the mend...but doing well. During her convalescence, Barb's sister (Aunt Francis) came in to lend a hand on the home front in Ripon.  We picked Francis up at the airport after her flight from her home in California. We don't often get to see her, so that was very cool. She gets to Wisconsin probably once a year or so.  She is the coolest.  I mean I'm obviously not going to say how old she is (she is my mother-in-law's sister mind you) but she looks great, has an awesome personality. She's witty, smart and fun and we love her to death. I only wish she could spend more time in Madison when she makes the trip so we could have some fun. Not that Ripon isn't an entertainment mecca in its own right.  It's just that it's really hard to beat Madison in the summertime.  We put Francis on a plane Monday after her ten-day stay with Barb. Sad day knowing we won't see her again til October 2013.  I'll miss her. She keeps daring us to come out to her place in Monterrey, and we just may have to do that soon. See ya Franny. I dig ya!

Friday, 7/6/12

I'll admit it...the heat is getting to me. And a lot of other people, too.  Fuses are short on the roads.  I can't remember a stretch where I have been honked at...or gotten so many dirty looks...or one finger salutes so many times. I think as the temperatures go up, people's tolerance goes down. Thank goodness it's almost over (for now).  If you have a garden, or a farm, I don't have to tell you what a battle it is to keep things alive, much less thriving. I am literally spending hours a week watering all those pots of flowers that we thought were such a great idea back in early May. My poor veggies are struggling, too. The only thing that doesn't seem to be affected by the heat...are weeds, hornets, and those pesky little ground squirrels that seem to have an appetite for any thing blooming this year. But as they say, this too shall pass. Like a kidney stone!

Monday, 7/2/12

My daughter Lizzy just got a new dog.  Teeny tiny.  It's a tea cup Shih Tzu/Miniature Pinscher cross.  "Derby" probably tips the scales at a pound and a half right now, and it's likely she won't break seven pounds full grown. She has been coming to my house while Lizzy works.  Just until she gets a bit older. She's only ten weeks old.  Derby girl is all dog, though. A real gamer.  There is nothing much more adorable than my 60 pound Standard Poodle, Ziggy,  getting on the ground and playing with this mini dog.  They play tug-a-war with one of Derby's little toys.  I can't believe how gentle Zig is with her.  Even though there are slip-ups sometimes...he makes sure not to step on her...and when he grabs her in his mouth...he never bites down too hard. She loves does he.  They are best friends already.

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July 2012
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