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June 2012

Friday 6/29/12

Everyone wants to cool off when it’s so astronomically hot.  Poor Truman could barely make it on a one mile walk on Thursday evening so I took him to a little creek by my house so he could splash around, cool down and have some fun just like a kid in a swimming pool.  Just look at that face!  That is about as close to real, innocent, pure joy as you can get.  This is why I love dogs so much.  They will never tell you a fib because they just don’t know how.  Truman is simply living and loving his wonderful life moment. And to me, that is a beautiful life lesson.  

Monday, 6/18/12

I love to garden.  It’s so relaxing to come home from work and grab the hose and water all the little babies growing in the dirt.  I used to come home every night and check the progress of my radishes, green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers and onions.  There’s just something about eating fresh veggies right from your own garden.  This year I did not have time to plant one.  A girlfriend knew how much I love to garden so she gave me some starter tomatoes from her dad’s nursery in Racine and thought maybe I could just put them in some pots.  It’s only been a month since I planted them but WOW!  They have taken off like they just love their little lives in these pretty pots.  They already have tomatoes and I can’t wait to taste them.  Sunshine, water and a little love is all they needed to grow.  Maybe that’s all we really need too.       

Thursday, 6/7/12

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Ginger Martin and I am the newest member of the Magic 98 team.  Let me tell you I am overjoyed to be here.  You may have heard me on a couple of other stations in town but Magic is now my new home.  I have lived in Madison for 18 years and I love this city!  The lakes, the restaurants, the dog parks, the overabundance of things to do.  I am an animal lover and have an Australian Cattle Dog named Truman and a Tortoise Shell cat named Chili.  Both are rescues and both keep me busy!  I am a music lover and have the ability to play three instruments, although none of them well.  What’s on my iPod?  Everything from Nick Drake to Nickel Creek.  But it wouldn’t be complete without Earth, Wind & Fire and my Stevie Wonder.  I love to take Wisconsin road trips on weekends and discover new places.  So, that’s me.  Magic 98 has been my favorite radio station ever since I moved to town 18 years ago and now I am so thrilled to be a part of the family and  to get to be a part of yours.  Thank you for listening! 

10/03/2012 12:16PM
June 2012
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