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June 2012

Tuesday 6/26

Three days 'til the big move.  I'm actually starting to visualize our little family in our new house and it's fabulous.  When I bought my house it was just me.  Then I added my cat, Piper.  Then came Marc and his Black Lab/Border Collie mix, Luna (they were a package deal), then Olive the Yellow Lab joined the family and of course...along came Everett six months ago.  So a solo gal soon became a family of six...and 900 square feet just isn't enough.  So as much as I love my house, it's time to move on and let another little family enjoy it.  It's a bittersweet goodbye.

Friday 6/22/12

So you've heard me talk about them...the gorgeous cuff links I had custom-made for Marc for his first Father's Day.  They're sterling silver, hand-engraved and the gemstone is Tanzonite which is Everett's birthstone.  I worked with Bauer Jewelry Designs and highly recommend them.

Friday 6/15/12

Thanotophoric Dysplasia.  You heard of it?  It blows.  It's the diagnosis we got a couple months ago for my nephew who's due September 29th.  My brother, Bradley and his beautiful fiancee, Julie are expecting grandchild number four in the Hansen family.  TD is a skeletal dysplasia where the chest cavity is too small to sustain life.  So after they welcome this little bundle of joy into the world it's most likely a matter of minutes or hours until we have to say goodbye.  I share this because my heart is totally and completely broken and with sharing comes healing and camaraderie.  Brad and Julie are taking one day at a time with grace and strength and I've never loved either of them more than I do now.  Meanwhile, whenever you think about it, please send prayers, thoughts, strength and peace to Boston.  I feel helpless, but I can at least ask that for them.  Oh and hug and kiss those kiddos in your life a little extra today.  Sometimes in the daily grind, we forget to take a second to count our blessings. 

Monday 6/11/12

Carter's Crew raised almost $10,000 and had a good 25 people there in support of Mr. Carter.  He was smiling from ear to ear all morning just having a good ol' time with all of his people there.  What an amazing thing to be a part of.
So we had Push Pull Pedal Saturday morning, then my niece, Ella's first birthday party that afternoon.  Sunday was a Celebrate Life party for my brother, Bradley and soon-to-be sister in law, Julie and then...a cruise around town looking at possible wedding sites for next summer.  They live in Boston but soon will be moving to Madison!  Brad moved out east almost 15 years ago and I thought we'd never get him back...but once Julie came to visit the first time, they knew they wanted to live here.  I couldn't be more excited. 
Two and a half weeks until my big move from the west side to the east side of Madison.  I guess we should start packing....

Tuesday 6/5/12

It's the annual Push Pull Pedal event to fundraise for the Herma Heart Center.  This is an insanely wonderful place located inside the Children's Hospital in Milwaukee.  Kids who go to this Center are very sick babies with Congenital Heart Defects and there's nowhere else nearby that can help them.  We're so lucky to have this facility so close.  The Herma Heart Center is where my nephew, Carter spent the first 3 1/2 months of his life.  Seven surgeries later he came home the size of a newborn, on Oxygen and a feeding tube...but we had him home!  We could hold him and kiss him and tell him how much we loved him.  His huge eyes were the only things you could fully see after his first open heart surgery at six days old.  He was connected to so many tubes, monitors and devices...but his huge, brown eyes did the talking.  He knew we were there and that we were doing all we could to get him healthy.  Although we loved the Herma Heart Center and all of their doctors, nurses and personnel...we wanted nothing more but to leave.  Carter is now three years-old!  He's still on Oxygen and a feeding tube, but he's doing fabulous...defying the odds every single day!  He's got to have two more open heart surgeries so I want to make sure the Herma Heart Center stays in tip-top shape..for Carter and other heart babies who call the HHC home.  One in 100 babies is born with a heart defect...that's scary.  To make a donation or just to watch a slide show of one of the cutest little boys here.

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June 2012
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