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House Hunters' Happy Ending

The big news, at least for realtors and those in the housing market, is that the Madison area is going through a mini-boom right now. I know about this first-hand. My son B. J. and his girlfriend Paula have been shopping for a home on the east side.

It was a nightmare. At every open house they'd go to, it seemed like standing-room only, and people were routinely offering above the asking price for the houses they were looking at. Most of the homes they toured were on the market for hours, not days, before they had an accepted offer. Tough spot for buyers. But one couple's misfortune turned out to be Beej and Paula's saving grace. A house they both agreed was the ticket was snapped up, but they got word, about a week after lamenting the loss, that the other buyer's financing fell through, and if they were still interested. . . . Well, they were.

It would appear that all my kids will soon have houses to call their own. There is a certain satisfaction to that. I do wonder what it means for the holidays, though. Both my kids are shrewd real-estate types, but when it comes to prowess in the kitchen, not so much. Could be some decidedly nontraditional Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in our future. Give me strength.
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A Rite of Spring

My wife and I celebrated another year of wedded bliss recently. It's truly amazing since my wife Terri is a brilliant, accomplished woman with her head on straight. Go figure!

Anyway, I celebrated our anniversary by picking up chicks. Now before you go passing judgement, these were actual chicks, as in chickens. A new flock to tend and enjoy. I always get my chickens from Abendroth. Their hatchlings are always happy, healthy and cute as heck. This year's flock is no exception. It's a rite of spring at my house every couple of years. In a few short months, the new birds will be supplying us with oodles of yummy organic eggs. Can't wait! They say happy chickens are productive chickens, so I'll try hard to keep a smile on their beaks, if that is possible.
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