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June 2012

Friday, 6/15/12

I'm all fired up!  I went to my first market as a vendor this week at the Capitol View Farmer's Market.  It was great! All the people running the show are really cool people, with their act totally together. Lots of awesome folks turned out. I'll be there every Wednesday through October 3-7 p.m.  Looking forward to it. 

We had another first this week.  One of the "girls" laid her first egg!  We are still trying to find out who the momma is.  No one is stepping forward yet.  We should start seeing at least three other of our hens get into the act very soon, with the others to follow.   I like having birds...they are cool in a sort of creepy way.  They look at me in that sort of reptilian way, as if they are thanking me for feeding them.  More likely they are thinking....if I were only bigger, you'd be lunch.  They are, after all, close relatives of the raptors that used to run around in the dino age.  You know, like the ones on Jurassic Park.

10/03/2012 3:12PM
June 2012
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