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June 2012

Thursday, 6/28/12

First, Happy Birthday to Jimmy McGaw, I know it's tough to hit the 30s but we all go through it...Happy birthday to Juli Hinds, too!  She may be just about 29 now...
These past weeks I have been pet and house sitting again...lots of adventures, but the
attack bird is worth sharing.  Roy is on his leash, we get to near the end of the driveway and this bird flies out at me every time. At first I was sooo nice!  "I don't want your eggs, nice birdy" and I would just duck out of its way. Well, by the fourth time out, it is like dive bombing for my face.  I was ready to find a tennis racket and open a can of you-know-what, but instead I went and got a water pistol.  Well, that was almost fun. It flew in my face, but I did get it! However, the next time it was waiting for me in front of me!  Diving again.  Well, I got it with water again and to my absolute amazement, the redwinged black bird who always is on the wire went after the bird and chased it away from us.  I found out from the fellow fixing the roof shingles that it is a cow bird. I looked it up and it does not look like a cow at all.  In fact, it was rather pretty.  Dark brown head and black beak and all the rest black feathers.  Turns out these birds lay their eggs in some other bird's nest! Their egg is bigger and hatches first and the bird nest owners end up feeding the cow bird first, sometimes to the demise of their own family!  By golly, co-dependency has been in the animal kingdom all along!   I am sure that nest was the redwing black bird's who went after the cow bird. It was still flying overhead when Roy and I walked by, but all I had to do was hold up the water pistol and it would stay away.  A few days later, the cow bird showed up in the water fountain (along with the bluebirds, goldfinches, woodpeckers, orioles, grosbeaks, cat birds and some others I don't know what they were).  I was really glad I had my binoculars; just wish I could have set up a camera.  Bluebirds look hilarious when they are soaking wet.

Thursday, 6/14/12

When I lived in Cambridge back in the 1990s, I was introduced to this great tea by a friend who owned an Irish import shop right downstairs from my then-apartment.  Maybe you've even seen it yourself, 'Doolin's' was the name.  Sherri, the owner, made me my first cup of Barry's Gold Blend Irish tea. There is simply nothing else like it.  It's the only caffeine tea in my cupboard now. There used to be Irish shops all over but now, I think Lake Geneva is the only place and they don't carry the loose tea. For several years 'Cheesers' in Stoughton carried it but there was not a big enough call for it to justify the shelf space.  Well, on the last box of tea I bought they introduced their new online store. (I have since learned you can get the tea bags at Woodmans on the East side) but I ordered up my loose tea, paid in pounds of course, and in less than a week, I got this package, wrapped just like this, from UPS!  I thought it was so neat that it was wrapped, but when I looked closely, I saw there were tea pots all over it. I still have the box. No boring brown box from Barry's Golden Moments!  If you too are a tea lover, here is the address  www.barrystea.com.   There are some very funny commercials and even tea mugs with the same print as the wrapping paper they sent me.
Friday, 6/1/12

I have here one of the latest photos of Joe on his vacation island.  Right now it's sitting in my office in the best sun beam.
This other is actually the 'Turtle Amusement Park' where I take him for his vacation time. He loves going there!  It is nice because it is part the stream that runs along the path I walk every day. Today there was a carpet of Catalpa flowers that fell all over the path.  They are each like a lily, rather big blossoms and fragrant, too.  The muskrat was on the move and something was going on with the chipmunks, they were all cheeping so loud at each other along the entire path. Maybe someone's cat was about. Then there is the baby bunny who sits very close to the edge of the path, eating Creeping Jenny (or Charlie) and grass and looking at me like, 'You want some? It's really good!'  He has has a thin white line down his forehead and it's soooo small and sooo cute, it could fit in one hand.  I wonder if I could try taking a picture of him?

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June 2012
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