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My Coffee Cake Recipe

This is the winning coffee cake from the Stoughton Coffee Break Festival that went on this past Saturday. All Through the House is the sponsor. It won both the judges and the people's choice award, too. Lucky me, I won two pizza pans from USA and lucky for you ... you can find the recipe on the All Through the Houses website ... and right here!
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Like a Moth To a Flame

Even though my apartment is on Main Street in Stoughton, I think the critters find my place to be a place they want to live at, too. There was a bat visitor for a few nights, just hanging above the stairwell, but I encouraged it to leave before it got too cozy. This one - well - I've seen Luna Moths before, (I had one in my snapdragons in the past) but this one - holy moly! If you look closely, it has a line of fur on the edge of it's wings. He/she stayed two days. I wanted to keep it, but I suppose it still had more joy to spread about. I just keep my eye open for who else might visit. :)
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