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July 2012
Thursday, 7/26/12

Up by my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mario's place in Canada, Anconia Inc.has installed these windmills pretty close to their home. In this photo, you can only see three (was stretching out the sunroof of Aunt Lisa's Subaru) but there are 35 of them!  At first it seems kind of
wonderful, like a herd of dinosaur-sized, soft and twirly birds. But Jeez Louise, when you
drive under one of these puppies it's another story. No, they are not loud, but they hum and when they change direction, there is a mechanical sound. What seems to drive people batty, though, is the way the shadows flicker. I could see how having that in your yard would really get old.  At least when the sun is out.  However, in Miscou, it is so windy all the time, it seems a no brainer to put them up and use the wind. The Anconia Energy Company itself is VERY impressive, but then again, the other problem is the ice that melts off the blades and flings into, well, fill in the blank...your car, your picture window, your moose...you get the idea. The jury is still out on them but they are already part of the landscape. 

These other two photos are part of my new greeting card line!  Both were taken at what we have fondly been calling 'The Red Estate.'
Friday, 7/20/12
Well, I had my heart set on seeing a moose, but this sign was the best I could bring back with me.
Yes, I'd love to pretend I took the shot of this moose but someone else on the island, where we were, took it.
I feel really blessed to have had so much time by the ocean. The air on the island of Miscou is soooooo clean and smells like the sea and wild roses.  There are wild flowers everywhere.  Seeing the seals was a treat that almost made up for not seeing the moose, and there are places the whales go there, too.  Next time I go up I'll try again.
Thursday, 7/12/12
75 and sunny, breezy, with one white, poofy cloud in the sky. There were about five seals out by the light house but too far to catch on film so here is just the lighthouse. We're going back tomorrow, earlier to try to see them again.
This is Aunt Lisa. She found this whale bone on the beach, but I'm determined to
find a moose!
Monday, 7/9/12

Sometimes it seems that you need a vacation from getting ready to go on vacation! It's not so much about getting ready to go as much as having things still in place when you return. I'm light-headed with the idea of being in cooler weather as opposed to miserable and ultra cranky because my apartment has not been below 95 in weeks. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my place and it's peachy in the winter when I don't have to turn the heat on til near Christmas, but boy do I pay in the summer!  Joe gets to go live with Gregg for awhile and Costeau will stay with my friend Sharon. Even though I will enjoy my time by the shore, I'll miss hearing Magic Sunday Morning!  In case you miss me, I'll be leaving this very well done video of one of the stars of Sunday's show, Suzanne Ciani.  I play it sometimes through the week to knock off stress. I hope you like it!  Mark Van Allen will be in on Sunday morning and I'll be back the next Sunday. Stay cool!
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