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Winter is good
I can hardly believe it's still snowing and even though most of the people I know are ready for it to be spring, I'm not. Ok, I really don''t care for white knuckled-driving, and the ritual of putting on all the 'stuff' just to walk the dog, but I really enjoy baking when it's cold out! More than half the time it's not even about eating it, but being creative with food. Having good friends over for a nice meal is on my top five favorite things to do.  This past Saturday, I had some really dear old friends over for brunch. The sun was even shining in the kitchen as I put the meal together. My friends are winter seasoned enough to know to bring along their slippers!  The fireplace was going, the smell of fresh coffee, and the white and green quiche just out of the oven along with my sour cream cherry scones under the big glass bell jar were all present to greet them. I even enjoy doing the dishes afterwards, just thinking about all the things we yacked about. Then that night, I had a long hot, soak in the tub.  No fancy-pants scents, just old fashioned Epsom salts.  I know it's all in your head how you choose to feel about anything. I choose to enjoy every ounce of life I can.
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Pinterest Magic Sunday Morning Board
Some people knit or do crossword puzzles for fun, I am just nutty about Pinterest.  I have just added a new board "Magic Sunday Morning" fans will like.  True it does not come close to sitting back and listening to the music flow & the board itself is not as pretty or cool looking as most of the others I have created, but I like it because I've found the older songs we used to play on "Magic at Night."  The upside is that many are live performances when these amazing artists were very young. The downside is that sometimes a video license will expire and there won't be one showing anymore.  I will keep at it to be sure they are all there and of course adding more as I find them. To check it out, go to Pinterest.com type in Kathryn Vaughn in the SEARCH box as Pinner.  Then you can scroll down to the Magic Sunday Morning Show Board and pick your favorites!  As they say, Happy Pinning!
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Loving Pinterest
These days it takes a lot to tear me away from Pintrest.  It's so fun, like shopping without having to have any money to get what you like!  I don't know any two people who make the same boards either. For Valentine's Day check out my Hearts board! However, the sun was out and I was ready for a nice Americana and fresh air so I noodled over
to Sjolinds Chocolate House. (Mt. Horeb) If you have never been there, it is not a house made of chocolate, though that sounds like an awesome idea, it's a Swiss place (pronounced Shu-lins) with really good coffee (TRUE Beans), over a dozen desserts all made there by a gal who wears emerld green tights and a big poofy hat (I'm guessing she even wears pointy toed shoes that curl at the tips but she takes them off in public). There were three soups today, bacon lentil, tomato and wild rice. They were nice enough to not think I was weird at all when I asked for the first two in the same bowl.  I turned into a BLT (Bacon lentil tomato). VERY good! What really go there for is the savory pastries.  Potatoes, Swiss cheese and roasted red pepper baked in a square pastry. It is perfect Feb. weather food! I highly recommend the place. If you have not been there for awhile, you'll be happy to know they have opened up the back with more seating and come warm weather, there is an outdoor balcony to enjoy. See you there!
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