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Bee in Stoughton
Last August, while I was at Viroqua's 'Wild West Days', I discovered Jim Krause in one of the tutorial booths. He had his bees (the queen was even painted with a green dot on her back so you could see her) and his magnificent honey. I bought some. I can eat it out of the jar with a spoon, it's not like any honey I ever got at the grocery store.  I went back and bought some more. I shared some of mine with the owner of Cheeser's, Peg, and she thought it was marvelous, too. I started out looking for local honey - its health properties are supposed to be the best - and Peg and I both felt we hit the jackpot with Jim's.  Good news, you don't have to drive all the way to Viroqua, I went on a 'Honey Run' Saturday and brought back a few cases that are now at Cheeser's.  Of course I got a few big jars for myself, I make hot lemon water with honey drizzled in it. Much better than boring decaf tea and makes for nice dreams.  I brought back jars that look like a bee, a bear, the squeeze bottles, standard big and small and some actual honey comb. Cheeser's is open Monday through Saturday in downtown Stoughton. You'll love that place!
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Painting Time Again
Last year I was invited to be in the Fanny Garver Gallery for the ReStore Salvage Art Show  fundraiser, and this year I am thrilled to report I'll be at the Artisan Gallery in Paoli!  I LOVE that gallery. If you have never been there, it's a lovely ride to Paoli and there is a wonderful restaurant that is part of it, too. The gallery itself is very elegant and set up with such an open feel it is very inviting to canoodle around in.  They have some very groovy outdoor art as well.  You are personally invited to attend the artist reception April 19, from 5 to 9 PM.  6858 Paoli Rd.  Paoli.  It would be great to see some new faces there and who knows, you may just be inspired to buy a recycled piece and help the cause.  This year I am working with recycled art work and feathers. So far it's coming out really cool and as usual I have to bleach my fingernails when I'm done.  The ink stains are really strong!
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Pampered Chef Timer
With the time change this past Sunday it really is a serious juggling of clocks for me.  I mentioned on the air that I have a clock most rooms in my place, in addition to fresh batteries in every one of them. I KNOW my phone will automatically jump ahead the hour but I can't stop my self from being anxious about waking up on time no matter WHAT I tell myself. Nice listener, Darlene, called and told me I needed to get a Pampered Chef timer. "Humm." I say, "Is that a little man who comes in and wakes you up with a freshly baked cheese quiche at the right time?"  She chuckles and tells me it is a timer that you can set for up to nine hours.  Nine hours???  Well, for the life of me I cannot think of anything that would need a nine-hour timer but when I get invited to a Pamered Chef party you can bet I'm going to check it out!
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A wrinkle in time
Ah, the adventures of taking care of someone else's house!  There I was, thinking I was being such good and industrious housekeeper.  Scones baked, a nice Italian pasta casserole ready to pop in the over for dinner for when they came back from their 2000 mile drive. I had tossed my very soiled, butcher-type apron, (very flat with a very long string tie around the waist.. it wraps around you twice) in with the rest of the laundry. So far, so good. It gets tossed in the dryer with everything else, I assume.  I'm very careful to take the lint trap out and clean it. I know dryers don't work well even with even a little lint in there.  Everything is just peachy except that when I take out the things that were dry, no apron. No apron? I checked everywhere. Disappeared.  I LIKE that apron, it's perfect for me. I just had to let it go, decided that it had just gone the way socks go and tried to figure out how to get another apron like that. My friends get home. They are tired but happy, all is well, except the apron being gone. I get a call soon after.  Yes, the apron has turned up, only it has 4,678 million wrinkles in it.  When I had taken the filter out to clean it, I must have forgotten to put it back in. The apron was sucked into the dryer and wrapped itself around the drum.  Those dryers filters areas really suck!  For a fee, (yikes a mondo) the repair man explained how important it WAS to put the filter screen back. Luckily there was an automatic shut off so the motor didn't burn out!  Luckily my friend decided it was something neither of us would forget again. Meantime, I'm looking for another apron...
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