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Painting the Kitchen
I think I am missing a few serious parts, really.  I finally found the perfect color paint for my kitchen...I had already found the right color for the wall behind the sink, but it was too much for the rest of the room.  Well, I got the new paint home Friday and before I even put my other purchases away, I opened the can and started right in!  See what I mean?  Nut-so, but I could not stop myself.  Before I knew it the whole place was taken apart, and the three walls had the first coat.  It looks sooo good, who cares if every part of my body aches from bending and stretching like a swami yoga master?  Bags of things went off to St. Vinny's.  I repainted all the accent pieces, cleaned behind the stove, rearranged EVERYTHING and even figured out where to keep the crock pot and blender.  Poor Joe must have a crick in his neck from watching me standing on the counter tops. He must have thought I lost my mind.  Wait, didn't I already say that I did? 
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Joe's Birthday
Amazing that my little pet turtle Joe is hitting a quarter of a century on Friday!  I've made April 19th to be his 'hatch day' based on how big he was when my son Gregg brought him home. The first 9 years I had him, he went to sleep for each winter.  Now he just slows way down, sleeps two weeks,  wakes up, won't eat, sleeps another two weeks etc.  Then in late March he starts moving. By April, he is Mr. Porky.  Now his shell is starting to lift away (he is growing a new one) as it does every year. He wants out of his tank and waits for me in his turtle carrier.  For his birthday dinner?  Gourmet....some hardboiled egg and shrimp!  I was trying to find him a birthday hat but they don't carry them in the pet stores.
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Artisan Gallery ReStore Art Show
Yipes, it down to the last moments for the recycled art work to come from my framing goddess, Donna Heideman. Then it goes to the ReStore (on Odana Drive) then it goes off the Artisan Gallery in Paoli.  These past few years’ art shows have generated a goodly chunk of change for the Habitat for Humanity fund. It's about 5,000.00 each event.  It would be great if you could make it to the opening reception!  It is April 195PM to 9PM. There is always a nice spread of food and wine. It's also really fun learning from each artist how they put their projects together.  Here is a photo of mine unframed.  I used recycled art work, tooth picks, tape, a bead, and the center of the piece (which the art is named after) a Blue Jay feather that was recycled right from a birds flank!  Ha Ha!  It's called "Once in a Blue Feather".  Donna has put it in a shadow box so it is very classy!  Hope to see you there!
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Birthday Pizza
"What do you want for your birthday dinner?"  asks my son Gregg.  "Pizza from Yeti's, please!" 
"I thought a Yeti was another name for Bigfoot. Is this an April fool joke? "

Nope, it's where they make pizza right.  It true, it's in Stoughton, in the very boring, ugly, tiny piece of strip mall on Page St.  Weird name yes, campy inside, yes....they even have a Yeti's with Viking horns on its head as part of the decorations. They make pizza the way they make it in NJ where I grow up.  Hand tossed, cut into triangles, which you fold and eat with your hands.  When I first moved to WI. back in 1980, we went out for pizza and they brought to our table a round pizza cut into tiny squares. The crust was stiff.  People used a knife and fork.  I thought I was on another planet.  Of course I have been living here long enough now to appreciate many kinds of pizza pies but I still love it the way I learned it out East. This is also the very first year in my life where no one played an April Fool joke on me.  I think that is a good sign!
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