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St. Francis

Some time ago, I had just finished up wallpapering a client’s kitchen and saw this statue of St. Francis.  It was really beat up and in two pieces on her front porch.  She was heart sick over it and was going to throw it away.  Some kids had broken it and dumped it in her fishpond.  Well, I couldn't bring myself to toss such a noble (and now, so politically correct) saint.  I have him in the center of my indoor garden in what I affectionately call my 'Green Room.'

It took me a while to match the right paint, colors, glue and time to get him patched up again.  I put him back together, constructed a brand new type of nose, cleaned up the millions of chips, and refreshed his rope sash in its original festive blue.  I changed the color of the Rosary beads a little, though.  He will have to wait until I have more time to work on the mangled toes of his left foot … it's very tricky making good toes!

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Yes, real goats!
This was the first time I was ever quick enough to capture this - goats doing a great job of 'mowing' the roof!  People go to Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay (Door County) to see if there really are goats on the roof.  I happen to know they name them, too.  This was a jump out of the car, take a few shots, zip off again escapade, so I didn't get names this time.  I've enjoyed their meatballs as well as the stack of Al's famous thin pancakes.  They're great, but I really went to see the goats.   I grew up in New Jersey.  They didn't have goats anywhere in my neighborhood, never mind on a roof!
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Delightful Door County
As always, my time up in Door County was awesome!  The Inn on Maple is the kind of B&B that sets the bar for every other one.  Bill and Louise, the owners, are more like an aunt and uncle.  The food is top shelf. They know everything about area activities and attractions, and where to find it.  I've been going there for years, not only because of the great hospitality, but because I love antiques - and the rooms are filled with them!  Sister Bay is in the center of everything, so it's a great location, too.  I highly recommend it for anyone that likes a cozy, homey, family feeling.  They have thought of everything - from black wash clothes to take your makeup off - to wonderfully fresh smelling, pure white towels for your shower. What I really like is that they have coffee ready at 6 am and you can come down and drink it while still in your ‘jamas.  Breakfast is at 8:30, everything homemade!
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