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START Fund Lots of Fun
The final tabulations of how much the event made are being tallied as I write this.  Steve Van Dinter (Channel 3) was soooo easy and fun to work with, we'll call him to help us again, I'm sure.  This hat is origianlly from the 1920's and generously lent to us from Peg Schuett of Stougton's 'Cheesers' fame. She actually was kind enough to lend us several hats, plus a typewriter and camera from the same era.  The head (I painted blue) was lent by my friend Kerri from her shop, "House in the Woods."  I learned a great deal about our own history and the Pinterest board I've posted has at least 5 repins a day!  The 20's were a very cool looking time.  Thanks to everyone who helped and attended!
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SToughton Area Resource Team
Is this car great or what?!  This is one of three that will be parked outside of the Four Lakes Event Center on Thursday, September 12 for the START fundraiser.  Dave DeYoung has agreed to not only have these babies out front to see, but they all actually run!  One of the raffle prizes is a 2 to 4 hour ride.  So far, everything is coming along smoothly.  If you would still like to attend, the number is 577-5660. It would be great to see you there!
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7pm - Midnight

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