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Memory of Trees
A few days ago I could hear sawing, you know the real loud kind when they are taking trees down?  When I made my way to the park I saw only three, flat stumps of where these beauties were.  I am really glad I am very careful to keep so many shots in my camera!  These were the only red leaved ones there ... and now they are gone.  The groundsmen told me that they, along with some others there, had 'root wilt' (sounds like a cowboy name) and they had to go.  I use it as a screen saver now on one of my computers at home.

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Cats Are People in Furry Outfits
This past week, while Ginger Martin was off having a few days R & R, I was keeping an eye out for her cat, Chili.  I call her Chili Beans because I like her.  She is just the nicest cat.  Ginger has often said that she is a cat who has 'an exaggerated sense of self-entitlement' and I thought, well that is all cats isn't it?  That is why we like cats!  Once Ginger said that her relationship with Chili was like mom and teenager.  Now I think I know what she meant, only I was the teenager and Chili was the Mom!  I made friend real easy, just open a can of sardines and share. Simple.

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Canadian Thanksgiving
The more I think of it, the more I wonder why we don't do a whole lot more things with our "upstairs" neighbor  - Canada.  I went to my next door neighbor’s place on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the harvest, or what Jen calls “Canadian Thanksgiving.”

Her husband, Joe, is from a family of 11 brothers and sisters … and they, and all their families, were there … as were friends … and friends of friends.   Everyone brought something to eat.  I made pumpkin scones with cream cheese icing and homemade cranberry sauce.  They were instantly lost in a sea of food (three birds, vegan soup, several gluten free dishes, cakes, pies, veggies of every kind, cookies, homemade pretzels, stuffing, gravy and more).  
The kids all had a blast and no one really wanted to go home.  Luckily for me, I live right next door. All total, there were 70 people fed and they still had leftovers.  We did our forefathers proud!

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Flying Guest
My studio is very warm, so I often leave my front door open. The fragrance of all my flowers drifts upstairs, too.   I was just dead-heading all the white, double-blooming petunias - and a bird flew up the stairs.  I had my other door open, too, with the fan blowing the cool air in - so my little guest flew right into my studio.  There are two huge windows with plants on my trellis, so no doubt she thought she would fly out there.  For a few moments I felt like I was Beatrix Potter!   The bird landed on the paint brushes, the ceiling fan, my computer, the plants, the water glass, the window sill.  I'd almost think she was checking the place out.  I did notice that her beak was open and I realized she was terrified, not exploring, so I snapped this shot and opened the window.  She left in a hurry.  I looked closer on the zoom feature and figured out it was a female House Finch.  THAT explains it.  My studio is only an apartment!
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Flowerbox Friend
Right in front of my apartment I have been taking care of 'Nordic Nook's' flower boxes all summer.  My reward I think is getting to see this little busy flyer getting nectar from all the blossoms.  It was moving so fast you could barely see it's wings!  I thought it was a humming bird when I first saw it, but it was absolutely unafraid of me, just kept drinking up the flowers.  I stood there transfixed for about 10 minutes.  It never missed hitting the very center of every flower each and every time.  Twice it flew behind me to get around to the other side!  I have since found out a few of my friends have seem them too.  They come out in the evening ... bar time for them!
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