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Christmas Toy
It’s true: Christmas is for kids and for the kid within the grown up.  I know it’s true because my son, Gregg, got to be the grown up and I got to be the kid.  My new toy?  A brand new calphalon frying pan!  I did get a snappy orange-bottom Rachel Ray pan two years ago. Back then I had orange accents in my kitchen, but now my kitchen is repainted in a subtle peach, so it's just as well that pan had bit the dust.  As Gregg is a great (and also daring) cook, he knew I'd really go for a pan that can go from stove top to a 450 degree oven … handle and all!  Man oh man, now I can make that rosti recipe I've been anxious to try. What a great kid I have!
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Lemon Comfort
Let me share a little tip I have discovered.  I use a clear glass mug just because I like to see how it looks when it's done.  Take a wedge of fresh lemon and squeeze it into the mug.  Pour boiling water to the top and add one to three teaspoons of local honey.  Not only does the lemon have vitamin C and good things to clean up your liver, the honey boosts your immune system, soothes your throat, sweetens the lemon and helps you sleep better. It tastes nice, too!
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Cheesers Elf
It's that time of year again for the great gift of cheese getting sent to all those poor folks stuck in Florida, Arizona, Texas and California who have foolishly moved to warmer weather!  Nice to have sunshine sure, but no Wisconsin cheese?  No way!  I happen to work at Cheesers, the charming and super-groovy cheese & food specialty shop in Stoughton.  As I only live two blocks away, that last snowfall was enjoyable!  It's a grand time to see everyone again, as the whole town visits for something they need to put on their own table, or send off to a retired family in the warm states.  My favorite box to ship out is to a fellow's parents who are retired dairy farmers.  A nice assortment of cheese, sausage, crackers, truffles and then a few cheddar cheese wax cows with matching cow pies underneath each one.  I'm not making this up.  He assured me they would "laugh their butts off!"  Did I mention that all the crinkly stuff under it all was green?  Cows in the field!  Since that day,  I have lost count of how many more of those we have shipped out.
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