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Hair Dryer

Yesterday I was at the library in Monona.  I have not been there in quite some time.  They no longer have the old fashioned bath tub.  I was really disappointed because  it was for the kids to climb in and read.  There were a few pillows in it ,and almost always a child.  I'm not sure when they removed it, but I feel it was a great loss.  Reading was so fun when I was kid, I'd have loved to have had that tub.  Well, I got soaked in that down pour walking back up the hill to my car.  I was off to meet Gregg (my son) and Sara to go see the new Star Trek movie (which was great), but there was no way in heck I was sitting in an air conditioned theater for a few hours with a wet head.  Have you ever dried your hands with those ultra fast air blowers in public rest rooms?   You know, the ones that spread your skin off your bones and dries your hands in seconds?   Well, you should see how well they dry hair!   The other two gals in there were laughing, too.  Very much like falling out of an airplane, the air pressure blew all my combs up but it worked great!

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05/23/2013 11:47AM
Hair Dryer
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