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Getting healthy
One year ago today one of my dear friends, Angie, had a heart attack.  The good news is she’s alive and well to tell about it so you don’t have to worry about that.  She’s a young, mid-30’s mom to two little girls living a very healthy life...or so she thought.  After her big scare she’s really made a conscious effort to exercise on a regular basis.  So today on Facebook, she encouraged everyone to do a 30-minute workout in honor or her survival and in honor of getting healthy.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing for any of us.  In an effort to start a little healthy camaraderie...check out Lanette’s Healthy Living.
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Sleeping Patterns
Funny how you get used to things you never thought you could.  As Everett hammers down the road of teething and gets those darn molars, his nights have been anything but smooth.  I calculate that I get between three and four hours of sleep and that's most definitely not all at the same time.  This morning he was up at about 3:45...ready to hit the ground running.  'I don't care if I have a fever and haven't slept much mom, it's time for me to grab Belle Piper (his Cabbage Patch Kid) and head downstairs to ride my motorcycle.'  Well okay then.  So then there's the ongoing debate in my brain of how much coffee I can drink to be halfway human during the day without in turn giving him caffeine causing him to be up at night.  I have no clue what I'll do when I finally get an 8-hour night of sleep...but I'm very much looking forward to it.
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Badger Football
Okay so we didn't win the Rose Bowl...but there was a sense of security having Barry on the sidelines that I haven't felt all along with Bielema.  I firmly believe it would've been a completely different game if Bret Bielema was still coaching...his lack of time management always left a lot to be desired and it drove me nuts!  Now we look forward to a new season with coach Anderson.  I already like him...the fact that he personally talked to each of his team members at Utah State to tell them about his decision to leave before actually accepting the position and going public with it says a lot about the guy.  I think he's got his priorities in let's hope he's got his coaching skills sharpened and ready to go.  With the loss of six football coaches and some guy named Montee Ball, he's got some work to do.  Welcome coach!  Go Bucky!
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