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Microwave Popcorn
I just had to share my exciting news with you about microwave popcorn.  Now you may very well say...'DUH Lanette ... we've been doing this for years.'  But this is a new discovery for me.  We love popcorn in  our household.  We buy any sort of garden variety microwave popcorn that happens to be on sale...we're not real picky.  But after the suggestion from an acquaintance and looking online, I decided to try the old school brown bag popcorn.  I put 1/4 cup Bucky Badger popcorn into a brown bag, folded the open side of it a couple times, hit the 'Popcorn' button on the microwave and...a few seconds later, 'pop!  pop!  pop!'  I thought holy Moses this is actually working.  At the end of a couple minutes, I opened up the microwave to the yummy smell of fresh popcorn but still didn't believe this was actually going to be this easy.  I opened up the bag .. .and ... there was perfect, tasty popcorn.  No preservatives, none of those nasty transfats...just yummy popcorn.  Go ahead!  Try it!
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Here Comes Holiday Wish
I can't believe that Holiday Wish 2013 is almost here.  On Monday we start asking for your letters telling us about a person or family who needs some sort of financial help.  Every year we read letter after letter after letter and I'm so proud to say that we help WAY more people than what you hear on the radio.  Pat and Bob do a handful of phone calls on the air, but every year there are over 100 local families who get some sort of help for the holiday season.  We're so lucky to have amazing sponsors and spectacular listeners like you who donate during the fundraiser and make it possible for us to help so many. 

Every year I'm reminded that we're all just one bad choice, accident or job loss away from being the letter writers rather than the letter readers.  I'm not a huge political person, but I sure wish the Holiday Wish spirit would spill over into our state and national Capitols.  My thought process is this...I'm not a judge and in my belief system I only know one Guy who when all is said and done, gets to judge worthiness.  If you ask for help...I choose to believe you truly need help and my job as a fellow human being is to try and do what I can for you.  It's powerful and inspiring and you should try it. 
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