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Mikayla's Grace

Loss and grief are two powerful, powerful forces.  They can grip your gut and take you down in a moment's notice.  And it doesn't matter if your loss was 10 days ago or 10 years ago.  Grief has a way of sticking around to haunt you in your lonliest times,  but it can also empower you to do things you never thought you could.  Melissa is the founder of Mikayla's Grace.  From the grief of losing two babies, she was able to rise above it and start an organization to support families who have gone through or are going through child or pregnancy loss. 

My family stumbed upon Mikayla's Grace after having to say good-bye to our angel baby, my brother's son, Samuel Paul.  It was a sense of comaraderie and with that comes strength.  Being with other people who have experienced what you're going through is really indescribable.  It's like you can let your hair down and say what you want because they've been there and won't judge.  Mikayla's Grace is also focused on being proactive.  They help in the NICUs and the ERs doing what they can for families right in the thick of things.  They're also working on getting nurses bereavement training so they can feel better equipped to help as well. 

I'm very proud to be a part of their very first fundraiser tomorrow, Saturday, 1/18.  If you head to Point Cinema for the 10am showing of Despicable Me, you'll be able to see a great family movie as well as fundraise for an amazing organization.  Marcus Theatres is donating every single dollar to Mikayla's Grace...and that's SO cool.  Click here to buy your tickets.  See you there!

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Happy New Year!
Everett started Toddler Time at Monona Grove Nursery School (same place that my siblings and I went.)  We finally got the dang carpets cleaned. Two dogs and a cat that we've managed to keep healthy and happy.  My brother and Julie got married! My grandma Hansen  turned 92! The furnace and both our cars pooped out on us all in the same week ... but we kepts our heads above water.  I managed to keep off my baby weight.  Marc and I celebrated three years of wedded bliss (HA!  But sort of).  My family and friends are for the most part healthy and happy. 12 years here at Magic 98.  I guess it's been a pretty good year with lots to be thankful for. :)  Happy New Year!!
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