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Oh Baby!
Good news from the Hansen household!  There's going to be a new addition.  Roman Frederick will be Everett's little brother and his ETA is August 28th.  Now that I'm of 'Advanced Maternal Age' things are a little more achey and I'm a little slower, but I'm so happy and feel very blessed to be able to be welcoming a healthy baby boy into our family. 

I do want to say this though, if you're working on starting or expanding your family and haven't had success, my heart hurts with you.  I'm not going to say anything like, "You'll get there someday," or "keep trying, it'll happen," because I know those phrases well and although they're said with love, you still want to flick the nose of the person saying it.  I didn't go into either pregnancy with fairy wings and rainbows.  Both had to be planned out with the help of doctors.  We've experienced loss and the disappointment that came along with every month somehow managing to get your hopes up just to have them crash down in front of you.  So I don't share my news lightly.  We are very well aware of our fortune and don't take that for granted one second. 

So, I stood in line and willingly got on this ride.  I'm ready for it and hopefully in four months, the world will stand still for a moment as I get to meet my sweet baby, Roman, and kiss his wrinkly forehead. 
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Sweet Piper Girl
Last Friday was like any other sort of day.  Got done with work, headed home to see my son and then we went downstairs to play.  That's where our sweet kitty, Piper, lives.  She's finally given up on trying to pretend that she likes the dogs and chooses to claim the entire basement as her kitty lair.  Everett loves being downstairs ... a land full of toys, gigantic TV and a huge couch to jump on.  We're down there often - and Piper loves it when we're down there, too.  But on Friday, she didn't come out to see us so I went looking.  'There you are sweet girl,' I said as I walked over to her under Everett's easel ... but she didn't move. 

My little kitty had passed on sometime that afternoon.  I was down there clipping her nails the night before.  My mom had fed her that morning and Piper was out and about.  I'm hoping it was some sort of a quick, painless something or other because she actually looked like she was sleeping.  So comfy and pretty.  I got Piper as a rescue almost 10 years ago.  They thought she was anywhere between 3 and 5 year old.  She was a Lynx Point Ragdoll and she was beautiful.  We buried her in our backyard next to lots of trees and we plan to make a little marker walking stone for her.  Crazy how these little furry, four-leggeds take some of our heart when they leave.  Enjoy your Heaven Catnip, sweet Piper girl. 
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