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Last Two Months
So, here we go.  Rounding the corner into the last two months of this pregnancy.  I have to say that I've felt much better than when I was pregnant with Everett.  I'm not swollen.  I have much more energy and overall the experience has been wonderfully uneventful.  Now I'm not one who loves being pregnant and thinks it's a beautiful time in a mother's life.  No, but I'm so humbly honored to be able to be a mom again, so I'll take it. 

Maybe you heard that we've named our son, Roman Frederick.  The name floated around a bit with a couple others, but alas, this was our final choice and I'm totally in love with his name.  I like to find out the sex of the baby  and then I like to name them before they're born ... and I have no issues with other people knowing the name, hating it, loving it ... it's all okay.  But last night, I saw his name pop up on a list of "Hipster baby names" for 2014 .. .along with Salinger, Lennon and Gulliver to name a few.  At first I was annoyed that it was being categorized as "hipster," but then I remembered I don't even truly know what a "hipster" is ... so carry on. 

Anyway, in these last eight weeks, I'd like to request your positive energy, your mojo, your prayers, your whatever for these last two months to go smoothly and remain uneventful.  Everett decided to make his grand entrance a month early.  I'm hoping that isn't the case this time around.  And in my hormonal state, I could blame you if that happens again ... so get going on those good vibes.  GO!

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Dear Diary
Sometimes we do things we're so embarrassed by ... like this past weekend when we were at the park.  Everett was swinging and swinging and swinging.  Every time I'd slow down he'd say, "MORE SWINGING!"  I'm sure it was a good hour until he finally decided heading home was a good idea.  So I pulled him out of the swing and we raced to the car. 

When I put him in his car seat, I realized he was wet on his butt.  Now it had crazy-rained the day before, so I didn't think twice about it at first, but then I checked his diaper.   It.  Was.  POOP.  Oh my gosh, poor Everett and his double ear infection are about halfway through the antibiotic ...and if you've had a kid on an antibiotic ... you know the runny, yucky, horrific stuff that comes out of their cute, little butts.  So I first thought of grabbing a wipe, paper towel or anything I could get my hands on to go clean the swing, but then I saw that there was already a little girl in the swing and her daddy was smiling and pushing her up high in the sky.  Who would I be to ruin that special moment for them?  So I closed the door, started the car and raced home. 

I can't stop thinking about that dad lifting his daughter out of the swing and being extremely stumped at first at how his daughter got poop on her butt without having a dirty diaper.  Then slowly realizing that it had to be another kid's poop and getting extremely grossed out and angry.  I'm SO ashamed and mortified.  And I really wish I would've been wearing a less memorable color than orange.  Dear Diary ... please don't tell anyone.
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