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Let's Have Some Fun Together

There's a story from American history that goes like this: Beginning in 1779, Benjamin Franklin served as American minister to France, a very important post considering that the French were American allies during the Revolutionary War. The elderly Franklin gave up the post in 1785 and was succeeded by Thomas Jefferson. A French official asked Jefferson, "It is you who replaces Dr. Franklin?" Jefferson is said to have responded, "No one can replace him, sir. I am only his successor."

So it is here at Magic 98. I'm pleased to say that on March 11, I'll be taking over the afternoon show weekdays from 3 to 7 on a permanent basis, not replacing our longtime friend Jim McGaw, just succeeding him.

My goal is to make the show a comfortable place to hang out and to be somebody you like to hang out with, whether you're at the office, in the car, around the house, or any one of a million other places you might have the radio on. And I hope that while we're together, you'll keep in touch. Here in the 21st century, there are plenty of ways to do that. You can call the Magic line anytime at 321-0098, or e-mail straight into the studio by using dj@magic98.com. You can post on the wall of Magic's Facebook page, or use the search function on Facebook to find my personal page, friend me there, and send me a message. You can follow me on Twitter, too: my handle is @ja_bartlett. Use those channels to ask a question, share a traffic or weather report, tell about something you saw in your neighborhood--chances are that if you think it's interesting, other people will think so, too.

Any good radio show is a collaborative effort between the person in the studio and the people tuned in. So, starting on March 11, let's have some fun together in the afternoon, because if we aren't enjoying ourselves, what's the point?

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02/28/2013 9:07AM
Let's Have Some Fun Together
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