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Magic 98's Holiday Wish is a program that's helped thousands of families through the years ... those having a tough time around the holidays because of illness, job loss or a difficult family situation.  We are able to do so thanks to you, our amazing listener, and generous sponsors like Schoepp Motors, TDS, Don's Home FurnitureThompson Investment Management. Verona Vision Care and Lazy Boy Furniture Galleries of Madison.  We thank you all!


Here's how the program started, from Magic 98 Morning Show's Pat O'Neill who, along with co-host Bob Bonner, was there when it began:
"Holiday Wish" was not planned, but began as a one-time good deed. It was Christmas time 1990 or 1991. Bob and I were on the air one morning when the phone rang. A woman was calling about a song or contest. She happened to mention how tough the holidays were for her, and that she was unable to afford a decent winter coat. And then she began to cry. We talked for a few more minutes and got her phone number. After our show we called a clothing advertising client, explained the situation and arranged to get a winter coat. The next day we called the woman on-air and surprised her with some good news. She was thrilled with the coat, but my recollection is that she was even more pleased by a simple positive gesture. Bob and I realized we had both lots of listeners in tough situations and the ability to do something about it. The next year we made a few more calls, then generous Magic 98 listeners began contributing money. It's very gratifying to realize that thousands of people over the years have benefited from the "Holiday Wish" program!

The deadline to send a Holiday Wish letter is Monday 12/14/15 at 12noon.  If you have sent us a letter, please know that the phone calls you hear on the air are not the only nominees that are helped through the Holiday Wish campaign.  We help over 100 local families.  Checks and/or gift certificates are mailed out no later than Tuesday, December 15.  If your loved one receives assistance, you will also receive a confirmation letter in the mail.  Confirmation letters will be mailed out no later than  December 15 as well.

In your letter, let us know the situation of the recipient and how we may help.  Include name, address and daytime phone number for both you and the recipient.  Letters may be sent to: Magic 98 Holiday Wish, 730 Rayovac Drive, Madison WI 53711.

If you would like to make a contribution to this year's Holiday Wish campaign, you may donate here.  If your business or place of employment  woud like to donate services, gift cards, etc., inquire here.


Holiday Wish calls that air on Magic 98 will be available here.  We begin granting wishes December 3 with Pat & Bob.  Listen here soon.


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