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After the Storm

The big windy storm that came through the Madison area on Thursday, July 20, knocked down a big tree outside of the Magic 98 building on Ray-O-Vac Drive in Madison. Here are some pictures I took of the tree. It took a lot of wind to do that.

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Summer Thirst Quencher

This is my newest dynamic duo for this wicked hot weather! Notice that both bottles are empty! That's is because they are so-o-o-o refreshing and so good for me, and I drink buckets of it. It's 100% juice from pomegranates and I prefer the strawberry kombacha, but your own taste buds will guide you. Probiotics and electrolytes, low sodium, high antioxidants and it tastes great. I just mix equal parts over a little ice and voila! REALLY thirst quenching!
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