Magic Pays Your Bills

They’re a necessary and sometimes BIG part of life: your bills!  If you’ve had enough of your electric bill, mad about your mortgage or cry when you see your credit card bill, let Magic 98 help!

We’ll pay the bills three times a day on weekdays from May 11 - May 15 at 7am, 12pm and 4pm. Just listen for your name and your bill, call back on the Magic Lines* within 10 minutes and we’ll pay that bill for you thanks to Float Madison.

You may enter one type of bill regardless of entry method (For example, one mortgage bill, one electric bill, one phone bill, one car payment, etc.)  Each copy of the bill must have entrant’s name, mailing address and daytime phone on it.

Enter in one of three ways (please, one entry per person, regardless of method):
  • E-mail:
  • Fax:  (608) 441-0098
  • Mail:  Magic Pays Your Bills, 730 Rayovac Dr., Madison, WI, 53711
The deadline to enter is 12noon on Thursday, May 14.  

*Magic Lines:
Local:  608-321-0098
Toll free:  800-708-0098
Airtime free with U.S. Cellular:  #981


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Ginger Martin
12pm - 3pm
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