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March 2012

Friday 3/30/12

Week two in the can!  Two weeks back from maternity leave and I haven't been in the middle of any crazy catastrophes.  I'm very proud of that.  I'm super excited to really start working on this baby fat that seems to like staying where it is.  Tomorrow morning, 8:00, Orange Shoe Gym, Boot Camp.  I'm not exactly sure what to expect out of this new body...I've never taken that much time away from the gym as I did during my pregnancy.  I have no idea what I'm even capable of anymore.  I just need to have some real expectations of taking it slowly and gradually getting back to where I used to be. we go!  Wish me luck! 

Friday, 3/23/12

In November, a very dear friend had a little girl...about three weeks before Everett.  A couple months after that, she had a heart attack.  She's one of the healthiest people I know, yet she had a heart attack.  She beat it like a champ, but now because of her meds, can't nurse her baby girl which was very important to her.  So her friends and family who could, came running, offering fresh and frozen breast milk.  It's been weeks now and she's been able to sustain her daughter through donated milk.  I'm finally able to help as well and it's one of the most humbling things I've been a part of.  It's just one more way this mommyhood path has been so overwhelmingly fabulous.  Mommies stick together, man!  Whenever you have a second, count your blessings for your health and for your friends and family.  It's times like this that you're reminded how lucky you are!  Happy Friday...have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 3/21/12

Many, many people have told me that it will get easier to drop off Everett in the morning and then walk out the door...and I'm starting to think all of those people were lying to me.  My sister corrected herself this morning though...she said it never gets easy, it just gets easier.  Now that makes sense to me.  I'm so emotionally, physically and mentally connected to him that it's just crazy being away from him.  On my way to pick him up I'm just smiling from ear to ear and can't get there fast enough.  It's almost hard to put him down for the night because I feel like I just got him back and now I don't want him to go to sleep just yet. We gave him a bath last night and he smells so good!  Well he did, until he made a rather large mess for us to clean up this morning.  Whoops!  I do have one question...what did I do with all of my time before?

Monday, 3/19/12

Things I learned while away on Maternity Leave:
1) 'Let's Make a Deal' is still on the air.
2) There are only two spots on my living room floor that don't squeak when I sway Everett to sleep.
3) Staging a house to sell it with a dog, a puppy and a newborn is qute the feat.
4) Pregnancy parts hurt for nine months because things move out of place.  Then they hurt for who knows how much longer as things try to move back to where they started.
5) I didn't watch 'Days of our Lives' for a good 13 years, but I watched one episode and caught up with eveyone in no time.  Not much changes in Salem.
6) I can sleep sitting up quite comfortably.
7) Facebook is usually deemed a waste of time...but excellent for helping to find a certain Yellow Lab puppy when a friend accidentally leaves the back gate open.
8) One word...WubbaNub.  I will get these as shower gifts for all friends and family having babies.
9) My husband and I can, and will talk about the contents of Everett's diapers like it's important enough to have made the front page of the newspaper.
10) It's a luxury to brush your teeth and shower.
11) There will never be a day that goes by where I'm not going to try my hardest to be the best mom I can possibly be to Mr. Everett.  I've never felt so blessed to be something in my life.  The connection is indescribable and the bond unbreakable.  I'm humbled by the honor and dumb-founded at the opportunity of being a mom.  I get 'it' now...I totally get 'it'....

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March 2012
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