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Chicken Wrangler at Work

If you have ever had the occasion to deal with chickens, you know that they are not the brightest animals in the kingdom. Fact is.  the small size of a chicken's head is in direct correlation to the size of their brains. Over this past weekend, I neglected to close the gate on my chicken run when it got dark. Chickens, by instinct, try to find a high place to rest and stay out of reach of predators. When I got up Sunday and saw there were no chickens in the run or the coop, I feared the worst.

A little while later, when I was in my barn, I heard a terrible ruckus on the second floor. Freaked me out a bit, I'll admit. Upon further inspection, I found the whole flock of chickens on the second floor of my barn. Relieved, I went about the task of shooing them down the stairs and out into the yard where they belong.

Let's just say they had other ideas. They would absolutely not go down the stairs, and even though I employed my best wrangling skills, I couldn't get those beasts out of the barn. Round and round we went. When I ran fast, they ran faster. When I thought I'd have them cornered, they were able to backtrack and get away. I kept hauling wood (and anything else I could find) to close off their escape routes, and eventually I was able to get them out, one by one.

I spent the better part of three hours chasing the hens around the loft of the barn. What a great way to spend a Sunday! Moral of the story: what goes up doesn't always want to come back down.
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