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March 2012

Friday, 3/23/12

Should we or shouldn't we? That's the question being asked by every farmer and gardener in Wisconsin these days. I mean,'s been really warm....and relatively dry, so one would think if Mother Nature is running ahead of normal schedules this year......maybe we should too. The inherent danger is getting stuff in.......having everything pop and get started, and then have reality set in, and it turns....even seasonally colder.  All your work would be for naught.  I am putting in cold weather stuff right now.....peas......greens.....cabbage and collards,  but have yet to take the plunge on some of the more hot weather stuff. How about you? 

Terri and I are going round and round about my desire to get another standard Poodle.  A life mate for Ziggy.  My claim is.......he's so gregarious with people and other animals.......he'll be super excited about having a pal. I don't think I'll win this one. Zig is cool enough anyway.

Thursday, 3/15/12

Chickens.....chickens.....chickens!  Got me some chickens.  Terri has been bugging me for some time about wanting chickens.  For eggs she says.......for chicken dinners she says.  Lots of work I say......lots of mess I say.......but I also said yes. So now we have four chickens in the yard.  Actually in what used to be the goat barn, but they are out there. Having grown up on a farm where my mom had 3000 chickens.....I know full well what is involved here. Terri....not so much.  But I have to say, it's kinda cool to have them. Hopefully that chicken dinner doesn't turn out to be for some fox, raccoon, or other hungry critter that roam around when we are all asleep, including the chickens. One Rhode Island Red, a Black Australorp and two Barred Rocks. They are cool, and I'm assured they will start laying eggs sometime in June. We'll see.

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10/03/2012 3:07PM
March 2012
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