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May 2012

Wednesday 5/30/12

June 29th is the big day.  We close on both our current house and our new house.  I know I should be excited...but I'm scared to death!  I feel like something is gonna go wrong and it's completely out of my control.  At one point I was always looking at the new house online and trying to plan out the furniture and paint I can't bear to look at them.  I'll believe that we actually get to live in this fabulous new house when I have the keys in my hands.  Meanwhile, the drive on the beltline four times a day is getting VERY old.  I can't wait until that's over. 
This weekend was so fun!  Everett went swimming for the first time...well, he sat in the big ol' blow up crabby pool I bought him and played with his a 5 month-old's version of swimming.  He went to his first parade in Monona.  I have so many awesome memories at that parade growing up so it was perfect we were there.  He also sat in a high chair for the first time at my parent's.  He played with his toys while we ate.  Just a couple more weeks until we start him on solids.  I can't wait to see him eat real food!  We'll start with oatmeal, but I hope to transition rather quickly to the good stuff...I'm thinking avocado should be his first food...mainly because I love it so much.  :) 

Wednesday 5/16/12

I think it's hilarious that people are so up in arms about the front cover of TIME Magazine.  There was a political consultant on 'Meet the Press' this weekend that actually referred to it as 'pornographic.'  It features a beautiful mom breast-feeding her three year-old son.  That alone is fine with me, as long as the child is safe, I don't have anything to say about anyone else's parenting.  Eye-catching yes...but pornographic...come on!!  What gets me is the headline, "Are You Mom Enough?"  Women and most especially moms, most definitely shouldn't be in some sort of competition with each other.  We should be supportive and welcoming to each other with open arms to help catch each other when we collapse of exhaustion, stress or sleep deprivation.  When I became a mom...everything changed.  All of my most important wants and needs were now for my son.  The thing I most hope for is to raise an enlightened boy, young man and adult.  I want him to be nice and successful and happy...and this article takes it one step further.  I couldn't agree more.  And if I should feel the need to breastfeed my son at age three, let me reassure you I won't be, but if I did...I would hope you as my sister would be more interested in the fact that Everett is an enlightened little boy who will be your kid's friend when he/she needs one most because his mommy did everything she could for that to happen, rather than where he got his last meal.
Tuesday 5/15/12

I apologize for being a bad friend and not writing much life has gotten away from me.  We sold our house!!!!  Holy cow that's exhausting...constantly keeping your house ready to show at the drop of a hat.  With two big dogs, a cat, a 5-month old and a husband who's not the tidiest of all husbands...I'm very glad that's over.  So now as of the end of June, we're homeless.  We put an offer in on a house and if financing comes through for us...we're good to go!  It's quite the tap dance!  I'd like it all to be over with. 
My brother and his insanely fabulous girlfriend, Julie got engaged over the weekend!  It has to be tough meeting your boyfriend's family knowing he's got two sisters who are going to size you up and see if you're good enough for their brother.  She passed on every level with flying colors.  We're so excited to officially call her 'sister,' although she assumed that title almost immediately after we met her because we, like my brother, fell head over heels in love with her.  They're looking at next summer for the big day. an attempt to not hate all wedding pictures, I stop eating ice cream.  :)

Friday 5/11/12

I love our new song "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye featuring does this little girl.  I dare you to not laugh hysterically at her dancing in her carseat.

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