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Mother's Day Has Changed

Holy cow it sure takes on a different meaning now.  Mother's Day has always meant a lot to me because my mom is THEE most amazing human being on this planet.  I've always felt safe, secure, smart and loved by my mom.  She empowered us to be what we wanted to be and to do it well.  She allowed us to choose our paths and do it with passion.  She made sure we didn't know it when she thought we made a bad decision because she knew that our first tear-filled phone call would be to her when it didn't work out and we never felt judged.  I have an older brother, Bradley and a younger sister, Karin.  Yep...I'm the middle kid.  I'm facinated by birth order and all it encompases.  I'm pretty stereotypic...agreeable, diplomatic and compromising.  Bradley is the genius and Karin is the nurturer and I'm...well...the middle kid.  My mom made each of us feel special and independent and at any given time, her favorite.  Now...16 months into parenthood, I pray so hard.  I pray that I can be even half the mom to Everett as my mom was and continues to be to us.  The only thing better than being able to call her my son being able to call her grandma.  Happy Mother's Day!

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05/08/2013 4:10PM
Mother's Day Has Changed
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