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My name is Sara ... and I'm addicted to Jillian Michaels!

I don't know if I should be embarrassed or proud of how many Jillian Michael's workout DVDs I own.  I counted them this morning: nine!  That's a lot of DVDs for someone who was barely familiar with Jillian three years ago and had never watched one episode of "The Biggest Loser."  I think I stumbled upon her workouts when a friend on Facebook mentioned that she felt great after starting Jillian's "30 Day Shred" workout.  I looked up reviews of Jillian's DVDs online, and quickly became hooked.  Jillian really pushes you to be your best, she doesn't sugar-coat things, and I like her sense of humor.  I love that I can get a heart-pounding, sweaty workout done in about 25-30 minutes with most of her DVDs.  I realize I'm sounding like a commercial for Jillian, but if you don't have much free time to devote to working out it might be worth renting one of her DVDs from Netflix or your library.  Who knows, you too might get hooked and eventually end up owning nine of them ;-)

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10/07/2013 10:09AM
My name is Sara ... and I'm addicted to Jillian Michaels!
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