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Kayaking Away the Summer

How's summer going?  Good I hope.  My wife Teri and I have kayaked lots of water in the past, but for the first time, we hit the Wisconsin River.  We decided to take a day trip the other day.  We took a couple of cars, parking one at Tower Hill State Park, right outside Spring Green, and the other at the recreational boat launch in Arena.

It's a beautiful stretch of river with lots of back woods Wisconsin 
stuff.  The weather was perfect and the libations cold.  They told us it was only about 11 miles and that we should finish it in three hours or so.  Well, we took our time and stopped on a couple of the sandbars ... and ended up spending about five hours on the water.  It was AWESOME.  You should try it. 

Next time well do the Prairie du Sac to Arena route.  I've heard it's just as cool.  I'll let ya know.
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