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November 2012

Thursday 11/2912

I am so glad I hosted Thanksgiving at my house this year.  I blogged last week I would be cooking for all my friends who had nowhere else to go this year.  Kathryn Vaughn was one of my guests and she made all the pies.  She made an apple, pumpkin and a chocolate-pecan pie.  We each had to sample a little of each and hands down the chocolate-pecan pie was the winner.  In fact, Kathryn’s pie was so incredibly delicious we all agreed she should enter it in some contest.  She made it from scratch and just guessed how much cocoa she needed to put in (at least that was her story).  Whatever she did, she did it right.  I took photos of her pies before we devoured them.  Here is Kathryn’s prize winner.  When you hear her on Magic Sunday Morning give her a phone call and tell her Ginger told you to ask her for the recipe.

Wednesday 11/21/12

House cleaned-check!  Groceries purchased-check!  Dishes set out-check!  Candles for ambiance-check!  Ready for Thanksgiving-CHECK!  It took me days to get everything done.  You know how it is….you work, then you have all kinds of responsibilities to take care of at home but now it’s time to relax and enjoy family and friends.  I’ll be hosting a table of six.  I hope where ever you go and whatever you do this holiday weekend it is safe and wonderful and full of happiness.  Happy Thanksgiving.   

Thursday 11/15/12

Occasionally on Thanksgiving I will invite friends over who are not able to spend the day with their families for whatever reason.  I make the traditional turkey feast and we sit around the table and laugh and have a great time.  It isn’t always a big crowd but I think this year it might be so I thought I would break out my grandmother’s china.  It’s 1935 Mikasa pattern unknown.  It’s what my family used every Thanksgiving at grandma’s house.  I’m happy to have the whole set.  I think it’s lovely and for as long as I’ve had it this will be only the second time I’ve used it.  Pretty things are meant to be used and enjoyed.  Not kept in a box hidden away.  It will make a great conversation starter on Thursday, anyway.   

Thursday 11/8/12

Recently I blogged about Autumn being my favorite season.  The only slight objection I have about this season is having to rake leaves.  Not that I even mind raking leaves, it’s just that I have A LOT of them to rake.  And I mean A LOT.  I kept track of the amount of total time it took me to get all my leaves to the curb in time for pick up  and if I remember right I logged about 5 hours!  Maybe more…I’d have to go back and check.  But 5 hours of my life is a lot to dedicate to dead leaves.  I haven’t raked my lawn yet since one tree is always so reluctant to let go of its leaves until Thanksgiving and I’d rather just do the job all at once and be done with it.  I feel the tone of this blog is becoming ever so slightly hostile so I’m going to take a deep breath and remember that raking leaves is good exercise and that I should enjoy being outside before the snow flies.  

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November 2012
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