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November 2012

Thursday 11/29/12

So that stomach bug went through the entire extended clobbered us and then just kept going.  Wow.  Glad that's over.  Next year's Thanksgiving will need to be amazing because this year's was anything but.

I've got a bunch of my Christmas shopping done...only a few left to go actually.  This year we decided to pick names rather than everyone get everyone presents...I'm really looking forward to it.  It's a big secret who got who so that's half the fun.  My brother and his future wife will be home and I'm really looking forward to just being together (and eating all day!).  This will be the first year that we decorate for Christmas...look out Griswold's, here we come.  No...we won't go nuts.  Marc and I are both fans of white lights so I'm hoping to stay on the classy side of things if I can help it.  There's a house close to ours that has a million of those blow up decorations in their lawn...sorry if you like them but they make me grimace every time I go by them.  They're awful.  I mean...what does a giant, blow up dog have to do with Christmas?  

In less than two weeks my son Everett is going to be a year old.  Wow, what a rush of emotions.  I want him to stay my snuggly little man but I love watching him succeed as he tries something new every single day.  I'm so full of pride and I can't wait to watch him continue to amaze me in year two.  What an honor to be his mom.  

Wednesday 11/21/12

Oh I pray this stomach bug I picked up is long gone by tomorrow so I can enjoy my favorite holiday of them all.  I also hope Everett doesn't get it.  Tis the season of happy about that....

Thursday 11/15/12

I've got random things going through my mind this morning so I apologize as you try to follow along.  First...I finally saw 155 pounds on the scale today.  I had been struggling to get past 156 and really had to buckle down.  That's a total of 27 pounds as of this morning.  (13 left to go to get back to pre-pregnancy.  Thank you Healthy Inspirations!) I'm all excited about it until I put it into perspective...two years ago, I would've considered that fat for my frame.  But...I also wasn't a mom so I guess I need to see the full picture.  Here's to staying strong over the holidays.

Second...maybe it's the holidays, but I keep finding myself thinking about last year at this time.  I was just about to become a mom and the dreams I had already created for my son were multiplying and so was the anxiety from it all.  When all was said and done, he had the last laugh proving you can never plan that much because he made his grand entrance a month early.  We didn't even have the carseat in place!  It's crazy thinking about throwing his first birthday party...but fabulous at the same time.  My kid is amazing!  Period.

Third...The word from my old apartment on Staten Island is not good.  There are so many people who are going to spend this Thanksgiving homeless because Superstorm Sandy destroyed everything they had.  Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers...and if you feel inclined to do so, make some sort of donation to the Red Cross or local organization.

Fourth...I've really made an effort to make dinner every night.  (Thank you Pinterest)  It's nice to eat dinner as a family now that Everett can eat everything we eat, and it's also nice to have leftovers for lunch the next day.  I've been buying many groceries that I have never heard of or aren't that familiar I'm learning.  Chicken broth vs. Chicken stock...come on, don't leave me wandering through the grocery store wondering if you're the same thing.  There should be a rule about that sort of thing.  If 99.9% of the ingredients are the same, they HAVE to be called the same thing.  Lordy.

I think that's all for now.  Whew.

Tuesday 11/6/12

When I first made the decision that voting before I went to work would be easier than after, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  As a new mom, I didn't even think of the rearranging I'd have to do in the morning to try and get out the door by 7am.  Oh my LORD...I'm sitting here at work going through all of the things I forgot to do.  I didn't pick out clothes for Everett.  My dad is with him today so to no fault of his own, my dad may pick out some orange shorts and a green tank top.  Last time he was at least weather appropriate, but his shirt was on backwards.  I only grabbed half of my lunch. I'm not sure if I put deoderant on and I KNOW I didn't do my hair.  Just for the record in case you were wondering...I DID brush my teeth (I think.).  Happy voting day!

Thursday 11/1/12

I've already bought my first few Christmas presents!  It all started at the remote we did for the grand opening of Toyland at Farm & Fleet.  I went in after we took down our broadcast and got Everett a Radio Flyer wagon.  I'm so geeked because I have awesome memories in our wagon growing up.  At the Farmer's Market where mom would just hand stuff back to us...we'd have apple cider and cheese curds and then we got to split a chocolate eclair.  Then there was the Memorial Day parade in Monona.  We had a wagon where the wooden panels just popped right out so mom and dad would take one of the long panels off and we'd sit in it like a bench on wheels.  We did that for the Circus Parade, too.  So many memories... and I can only hope Everett will love his wagon as much as we did.  This parenthood thing is pretty cool.

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