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November 2012

Thursday, 11/29/12

I haven't asked anyone yet, but I'm wondering whether the Bonner Christmas tradition of going out to a local tree farm and cutting down our tree will continue into its 28th year.  Everybody is so busy these days with work...and significant others that I'm just not sure it's going to work out. I hope it does. Getting down on the cold ground...and hand-sawing through a stubborn fir is a young man's game.  Last year my kids B.J. and Lizzy did the heavy lifting...and I was basically eye candy.  At any rate, it's got to happen soon.  If I'm going to spend the big dollars on a tree, I want to enjoy it for awhile.

Wednesday, 11/28/12

Hope your Thanksgiving was a cool one. Ours was great. My sister Connie and her family (save one) came up. I prepared what I must say was a delicious meal. All the trimmings, and gratefully no emergencies. Good stuff.

Are you infected with this creeping crud thaat's going around? Man, I finally am feeling better after two weeks of congestion, fatigue, and over all crumminess. I haven't had something like this for years. Sort of swept through here earlier in the month. I thought I had dodged the bullet, but not so. Better now. Onward!

Friday, 11/9/12

I have yet to get over to the new beautiful Ale Asylum by the airport.  I've driven by, and frankly am blown away by how big it is. Looks cool, and is certainly an upgrade from their old place. Not to say that wasn't cool, but it sure wasn't as big! I think I'll convince Terri that she needs a couple of beers this weekend and we'll head over.

Thursday, 11/1/12

Now that was fun! Hope y'all had a great Halloween.  Got the chance to go out with Liz Terry (aka: Wicked Witch of the West) this year.  Gotta say, Liz makes quite a convincing Witch.  Her green face makeup kept cracking, so it looked like she had a neck tattoo. Looked pretty good.  I recommend she look into a little ink, but I don't think my suggestion was very well received.  Pat looked great as the scarecrow...although his hat was more conducive of Jed Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillys, I thought. No matter. Had a great time!

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November 2012
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