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Summer's Last Hurrah

(Pictured: Copper Falls, from the state DNR website.)

We're gearing up for our trip to Copper Falls at the end of the month. It's a state park in Ashland County. Waaaay up north. We've never been there, so this should be every cool. This place is filled with a bunch of great waterfalls plus miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, so we will be in our element. We plan to take a day trip to Bayfield and maybe a kayak trip out into the Boundary Waters of Lake Superior. That's weather-dependent, and on whether we have the guts to take on the BIG water. Jury's out on that.

Hard to believe this will be summer's last hurrah already. Geez, it goes fast.

By the way, I would recommend the float at Float Factory that I wrote about last time! It was very cool. The water is super -aturated with salt, so you are totally buoyant. I climbed into a pod, cranked up the Gregorian chants, shut the lid, and floated.The water temp is the same as skin temperature, so you really don't feel it. Amazing! You are totally naked so there are no pressure points at all. It's ike lying on the best bed you've ever experienced, and really worth trying. So relaxing--not just that day, but for days after.
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