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October 2012

Thursday, 10/25/12

It was a red letter day at the Bonner household this week. We had our first blue egg!  We have a couple of hens that are supposed to lay colored eggs. Thus the name...Easter Eggers.  Very exciting. We raised our flock from chicks, and we've been waiting for the eggers to start laying, and apparently they have. I dig my chickens!  My work is cut out for this weekend. I've got 200 garlic cloves to plant. Missed the last favorable phase of the moon because of rain, so this weekend is my last shot for the year. I will probably smell like an Italian restaurant when I'm done. No problem...I love Italian food. My son B.J. is taking me along to his tasting event in Lake Geneva Saturday. I am going to help pour tastes of the Old Sugar Distillery liquors he helps make. They are outstanding, by the way. He's taking me 'cause none of his friends want to get tied up on Halloween weekend. Oh well, any port in a storm. It'll be cool hanging with Beej!

Wednesday, 10/17/12

Look at this little beauty!  And a Magic fan to boot!  This is my daughter Lizzy's little Derby.  She is about full grown...and all of five pounds.  You'd never know it, though. She goes toe to toe...or should I say paw to paw with all the big guys.  I have traditionally never been a small dog guy, but I have to say Derby is awesome. She is so and cuddly. Geez listen to me. So unlike me. My big boy Ziggy (63 pound standard poodle) is smitten, too.  He and "Derb" are best pals. We luck out and Derby comes to see us a couple times a week when Lizzy is at work late.

Thursday, 10/11/12

This time of year is bittersweet for me. In the early going of fall...when all the trees are beautiful....and the days are still warmed by the sun, it's awesome. Hard to beat. But now...the winds of the last couple of days have stripped most of the really good looking trees of their color...and there's a decided nip in the air when I peek my head out of the door to come to work in the middle of the night.

This is also the time of year when everything has to be winterized and put away. All the planters...the camper...the patio furniture...all of it.  Oh my aching back.  Maybe downsizing is in order. Nah.

Thursday, 10/4/12

It was really cool to see all the people that were at the Taste of Home thing this week. Heck I ran into some folks that I haven't seen for years...and there were even some of them I didn't owe money to...little humor. At any rate, I am going to make it a point to stay in touch. Promise.

Saying adios to my garden for the year. The cold weather means an end to another growing season...except for some cold hardy stuff.  Always a bittersweet thing.  By this time of the summer, the garden thing is getting old...but it's also the time to plan for the next time around.  I will be planting my garlic crop for next year this weekend. A gardener's work is never done, as opposed to a blogger's work. See ya.

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October 2012
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